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Syed Abul Hassan was born in Lahore, Pakistan, where he received his early education. He graduated from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore and gained his BSc. in Civil Engineering in 1992. He set a record in Pakistan history by writing two Engineering books during his studies in the final year of his graduation.

In 1996, he and his colleagues were the first ones to introduce ISO – 9000 Certifications to the Pakistan export industry. He joined Pakistan Institute of Quality Control and worked as a Quality Engineer and arranged many seminars and workshops for the quality control departments in Pakistan industry.

In 2000, he set another record in Pakistan by accomplishing 10 Computer Certifications from United States like CCNA, MCSE, MCDBA, etc., in a small span of 8 months.

Then he migrated to Canada in 2001 along with his family. He joined American Express Canada Inc. and served there for more than two years. He got the Canadian nationality in 2005. He finalized his research paper, book, website, patent and copy right for the most important discovery and finding in the history of mankind – “The concept of a perfect sphere, perfect circle and rational value of Pi”, which is a constant ratio of the circumference and the diameter of a circle or a sphere. He worked on this impossible concept for more than 15 years and finally successfully developed and discovered the concept of a ‘perfect sphere or a perfect circle’ and made it possible for the whole world to enjoy the benefits associated with ‘Ali pi’.

He named his discovery and finding as “Ali pi- . Along with the ‘Ali pi-’ he also discovered and proved many other important findings on the concept of existence of ‘perfect sphere or a perfect circle.’

With this important mathematical claim and discovery, He became the first mathematician who solved the ‘Impossible’ to “Possible” by squaring the circle as ‘circle squarers’ were considered as some ones who attempts the impossible and finally making the ‘Irrational Pi’ to a ‘rational Ali pi-’.

With the change in the value of this most mysterious and puzzling mathematical constant number and ratio, various changes in the formulae and calculations would occur in the fields of Physics, Mathematics, etc and would impact the whole world in all respects.

He registered his discovery of Perfect Sphere, Perfect Circle and Ali pi-. He has all the copyrights of this important mathematical historical discovery of perfect sphere, perfect circle and Ali pi-, and other findings and discoveries associated with the concept of perfect sphere, perfect circle and Ali pi-. He is currently working on some other important findings and discoveries of our Universe, life, time and space.


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